hiring newborn session assistant


Thank you for your interest in the Newborn Session Assistant position.  Info on the position is below, if you think you’re a good fit click the link at the bottom of the page to submit an application 



The main purpose of the session assistant is to make sure baby stays safe during the session.  This will be your primary responsibility, eyes on baby at all times.  During the session baby will be posed in various props, you will spot the baby while in props and also assist with more difficult poses that require extra special magic.  You will also be snuggling, soothing and feeding baby at times as needed.


 There is a lot of kneeling, bending and sitting on the floor so you must physically be able to do these tasks and is probably not the best fit for someone with back or knee problems.



In addition to the above you will be helping set up and break down before & after sessions.  Sessions start at 10 so the assistant will arrive at 9:30 to help setup and prep the studio, depending on baby sessions can last anywhere from 2-3 hours (and occasionally longer if siblings are involved).  Typical hours would be 9:30-1:30 +/-



Because babies arrive when they want there are some weeks that there are no sessions, and others where there are 3.  Generally I try to plan for 1-2 per week, with some times of the year being busier or slower than others.




  • you should be an independent thinker able to quickly anticipate needs without being asked (once trained)
  • must be able to pay attention to and anticipate newborn cues and react appropriately if they are becoming unsettled (this is where the ninja reflexes come in)
  • You must be very comfortable holding, soothing & being around newborns
  • * * * You must be VERY dependable * * * (have backup childcare just in case)
  • Because this position involves direct contact with newborns, applicants and their children should be fully vaccinated (anti-vaxxers please do not apply)



The job requires a non-disclosure agreement.  This basically says you won’t disclose session secrets or tricks of the trade to anyone. 



The pay is $15/hour.  Because this is not a regularly scheduled job with set hours, you will receive a 1099 at the end of the year





If it sounds like the perfect little part time job for you…fill out the application linked below. If I think you’re a good fit, I’ll contact you to come by the studio to chat.